WVDXA Apparel

How to Order WVDXA Apparel

How to Order WVDXA Apparel

If you would like to sport an embroidered WVDXA logo on your polo shirt, jacket, etc., below are instructions on how you can do this.

  • First, go to Lands’ End Business by clicking the logo –
  • In the upper-right hover over “Hi, Sign in – MY ACCOUNT” then click on “Create an Account.”

  • Proceed to fill out all the necessary fields to set up your Account on Lands’ End.

  • Once you are signed in, go to Home > My Account > Logo Library.

  • Click on “ASSOCIATE A LOGO TO MY ACCOUNT” and a window will pop-up (see below) where you enter the Logo Reference Number: 10344556 and the Customer Number: 4101215. Then click on “ADD TO LIBRARY.”

Now you can select the apparel you wish to order and add the WVDXA logo to it. Usually we place the WVDXA logo on the “Chest Right Side.” Don’t forget to choose your garment size and color. In the past, “Desert Tan” and “White” are colors members have ordered. You may now want to telephone

Lands’ End Business at 1-800-338-2000

to make sure they understand what you want to order, AND, so you can add your Name and Call on the “Chest Left Side” of the shirt plus specify if the call is on top or the name is on top and what color you want them to use to embroider the Name/Call.

HINT: Have the agent e-mail you a “proof” to review before finalizing your order.

If you prefer NOT to set up an Account with Lands’ End Business, you can probably just contact them at the above phone number and place your order there.  However, I would suggest that you DO set up an account with them so you can track your order and maybe order more WVDXA Apparel in the future.  Of course, before you call you should search their website and find the polo shirt, jacket, etc. that you wish to order.

Below are some images of the WVDXA logo shirts.  K4JWA is modeling the “White” shirt and my “Desert Tan” shirt is shown below that.  When you order your shirt you can pick the style and color of the shirt as well as the color of the Name/Call embroidery thread.  Note that K4JWA’s shirt uses Gold thread and W8TN’s shirt has Blue thread for the Name/Call.

One thought on “How to Order WVDXA Apparel

  • Bart Haynes

    I love my shirt and jacket, great quality and our patch is what makes it special. Back in the day we called it “Spirit Wear” for the circumstances and pride of being a part of something special and I see it no different today, I wear my swag with pride and always enjoy the conversations it starts. Thank you goes out to those that are responsible, I truly do appreciate it.


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