N8RR Reaches 3,000 Challenge Level

Today, WVDXA Member, Charlie, N8RR, officially reached the 3,000 level on the ARRL DXCC Challenge.  In actuality, Charlie had his 3,000th credit in hand on March 14th.  But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ARRL was closed down and his DXCC applications were not being acted upon.

However, on May 27th, N8RR managed to complete a 6-M EME QSO with Nodir, EY8MM, for a New One on 6-M.  Two days later Nodir confirmed the contact via LoTW and Charlie uploaded that to ARRL.  In less than 5 hours his LoTW account was updated and his total confirmed entities now shows 3,000!

As far as we can tell, this is the FIRST time a West Virginia station has reached this significant level of achievement.  There are two other members of the West Virginia DX Association (WVDXA) who have also reached this level, Bernie, W3UR, and Jack, N8DX, but they live in other states.  So, Charlie, N8RR, will forever be known as the FIRST WV Ham to reach the 3,000 Challenge Level.

The WVDXA has a tradition wherein a member is entitled to a “Piece of Pie” upon working an All-Time New One (ATNO.)  Since this is the ULTIMATE New One, the group has unanimously agreed to buy N8RR an ENTIRE PIE!  WHUUP, WHUUP, WHUUP!!!


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