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Requirements to Receive Sponsor Support from the WVDXA

The West Virginia DX Association (WVDXA) is a very small club which has no dues structure.  When we receive a request for funding from a DX’pedition, we present it to the group to see if there is enough interest to collect individual donations from the members.  If we have enough positive responses, we will collect the funds and forward them to the DX’pedition as a single contribution.

As we support a limited number of DX’peditions, those which we do support are expected to agree to the following requests:

     1.  At the very least we expect the same early QSL’ing and/or early LoTW benefits which early individual donors receive.  We will supply you with a list of ONLY those WVDXA members who contributed to your operation.  Receiving this “early QSL’ing and/or early LoTW” benefit is what encourages members to donate through the WVDXA.  Without it, they will wait until they want to request a QSL – after your DX’pedition.

When our members donate through the WVDXA they usually give more than they would send directly or through OQRS.  It averages $20 to $25 per member. Thus your DX’pedition can expect to receive more from our group donation than from individual donations from the same members.  Plus, by receiving a donation from the WVDXA, the DX’pedition receives the money “up front” when it is critically needed.

     2.  We request the WVDXA logo be displayed on your website and linked to our website –

     3.  If our support is of a significant enough level, we request placement of our logo on your QSL.

Please advise us of your intent to comply with this request when asking us to sponsor your operation.  Agreement to the above conditions is required before the WVDXA will consider supporting your operation.